Avoiding Allergy Medications With Children

Childhood Asthma – Getting Your Child Off Allergy Medications

A child with asthma and allergies may not know that asthma and allergies is the number #1 chronic childhood disease.

He also may not know that asthma claims more lives every year even though more treatments are available. It is a fact that there are over 3 million more Americans with asthma than there were 10 years ago.
Why the rise in asthma and allergies?

With today’s busier society, our house-cleaning standard have plummeted. We also have become a generation of ‘couch potatoes’…spending over 95% of our time indoors. Our homes are tightly insulated and limit ventilation of household irritants such as mold, smoke and chemicals.

This all results in increased exposure to allergens. And
allergens are the number one cause of allergy and asthma attacks. Allergy medications are being used on a daily basis as a way to control allergies & asthma. With children prevention of allergies is far better than taking allergy medications.

There are five simple things that can be done to reduce allergy symptoms and possibly reduce the use of allergy medications.

1) Never allow smoking in the home. Smoke will remain in an indoor environment for up to 10 years, even though you can no longer see or smell it.

2) Shoes should be taken off at the door to prevent allergens from being brought in on the shoes.

3) Use non-toxic cleaning products instead of store bought chemical brands. All cleaning products are eventually inhaled or absorbed into the skin. Do you really want to clean with even a ‘little bit’ of poison?

4) Do not let pets into the bedrooms. All pets have dander and it can be an allergen. Children spend around 8 hours in the bedroom at night. Keep it as allergy free as possible.

5) Make sure humidity levels in the home don’t go over 45%. Humidifiers attached to the furnace are more reliable than freestanding ones. Humidifiers with damp filters in them can be a mold breeding area.

It is important to try to create a clean healthy environment for your child so he can breathe easy and not have to rely on allergy medications which can have negative side effects.